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DocVille is a networking & exchange initiative for executives from the international Information Management (IM) ecosystem (Capture, ECM, BPM, BI and BPO). Surviving – and thriving – in today's increasingly interdependent and high-risk global marketplace requires better business intelligence. Personal relationships based on common interests are key to staying ahead of the information curve, and are crucial when addressing the geographic, linguistic, legal and cultural challenges posed by non-local market opportunities.

DocVille helps IM market-makers develop and strengthen meaningful relationships and information flows through hosted events (online and face to face), focused on highly relevant personal and group conversations that foster better international business collaboration and innovation.
Crowdsourced event topics address the IM market impact of broad trends and market conditions, including internationalization (market consolidation and technology convergence, M&A, etc), implementation (cloud-computing, SaaS and mobile working), modernization: (open-source software (OSS) and SOA, virtualization) and verticalization.


  • I am the CEO of a systems integration
    company. We need to stay connected to
    software vendors to be sure our
    portfolio gives us maximum competitive strength.
  • I have some great ideas on how to drive
    profits out of the cloud. I want to hear
    what the DocVille community thinks.
  • I'm the Director of Business Development
    at a SAP-focused ECM vendor, looking to
    expand into other countries via acquisition
    or partnership.
  • I'm the VP of sales at a BPM vendor.
    We're rapidly expanding and would like
    to share experiences on the challenges of
    international expansion.
  • I wish somebody could network effectively
    on my behalf to save my time and avoid travel.
  • I want to see real market intelligence
    that gives insight and helps my business succeed.






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