Dennis Parker   -   VP EMEA  -  K2  -  UK

"Great to spend time with our industry peers and partners. This was a valuable event for feedback and connection with the European channel"


Geert Kruiter  -  VP Continental Europe  -  DOCUMENT BOSS  -  Netherlands

"It's a good format to exchange thoughts and ideas with peers. The highly interactive nature ensures an active exchange of visions, ideas and observations. Such an excellent learning and networking event!"


Omri Gelb  -  GM and Executive VP  -  Top Image Systems™ (TIS™)  -  Canada

"Docville is an excellent platform to discuss current industry topics, market trends, opportunities and threats. The informal setting allows free communication and networking with experts, ISVs, VARs and competitors. Significant and unmeasurable return on time/money invested. I look forward to future events.”


Jean Luis Fages  -  Président Directeur Général  -  A2IA  -  France

"As CEO of a global software vendor, I always have constraints on my agenda. I need to be able to network effectively. The DocVille event – "travel once meet many ideas" - gave me the opportunity to efficiently network with existing and potential future partners and peers without taking up too much of my valuable time. The event and format is a truly great concept and I will certainly attend future events."


Harvey Spencer  -  Business Analyst & Founder  -  Harvey Spencer Associates  -  USA

"I enjoyed presenting at Michael Ziegler's inaugural Docville meeting. It was fun to meet up with both people I know and those I did not who are all linked through an involvement in the document capture industry in Europe.  It was a well organized get together with participants engaging in spirited round table discussions on selected relevant topics, which were well moderated. The feedback that I received was that this was a success and that they would return for the next one."


Brian Fortune  -  Sales Director UK&I, F, BeNeLux  -  PFU Imaging Solutions  -  UK

"As an industry we have a collective responsibility to advocate our technologies. DocVille is an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and views of the future of the industry." 


Brennan Peyton  -  European Sales Development Manager  -  Canon  -  UK

"As a vendor its a great opportunity to listen to the latest developments and trends from companies using capture technology in all its forms."


Wilfried Geulleaume  -  Managing Director  -  Recomatics  -  Belgium

"DocVille is an outstanding opportunity to meet with professionals over Europe (and beyond) in one day. It shows the trends and generates ideas. Several contacts will lead to collaboration in the future, no doubt about that."


May Ladd  -  Founder and CEO  -  Vaultium  -  UK

"Excellent informal way of meeting international potential partners and associates in one day. I learnt a lot too about industry insights and future."


Gillis Hallsten  -  Executive Director  -  OptoSweden AB  -  Sweden

"Many thanks for the possibility to attend your roundtable sessions. This day was a great opportunity to exchange information with the people from your network. I am very pleased to have been presented with information about the ECM market from more of an international perspective."


Ulf Reinhold  -  Director Strategic Alliances  -  WMD GmbH  -  Germany

"DocVille's new networking event in Brussels fills a gap in Europe's ECM & BPM community. I'm impressed by the quality of people attending, the great opportunity to network, the chance to share experiences during round table sessions and the perfect orgainization. I really look forward to attending the next event!"


Dimitri Schmitz  -  Executive Board Member  -  Document@Work  -  Belgium

"I have been attending these Docville events since the beginning. It is valuable to extend the scope towards ECM, BPM, outbound and other topics to be discussed. The audience is greater and greater, Michael and the team are improving each year."


Martyn Christian  -  CEO  -  MC INC.  -  USA

"This was the first DocVille event I attended. I found the networking to be excellent; lots of time to discuss the market dynamics. The roundtable format encourages open dialogue and it was great to hear everyone speak about their perspectives in an open and honest way."


Manfred Traeger  -  Sales Director Outsourcing Services  -  I.R.I.S. AG  -  Germany

"Again,  DocVille was an excellent forum for exchanging thoughts, confirming evaluations, discussing new ideas and listening to the peers. The quality and the sincerity of the talks were very impressive. Congratulations to the organizer!"


Jan Krist  -  Project Manager  -  UNISYS  -  Netherlands

"This well-arranged event was useful in many ways. It was good to talk to vendors and other related ECM companies to discuss the ongoing subjects and future aspects. Besides that, it is good for building up your network."


Susanne Richter-Willis  -  Product Manager Enterprise Solutions  -  READSOFT AG  -  Germany

"DocVille 2014 provided once more an excellent opportunity to network and to gain insight into market and technology trends. Once more i was highly impressed by the openness of communitcation and the quality of attendance. I look forward to the next event."


Steffen Unmuth  -  Sales Director  -  IBML  -  Germany

"Thanks to Michael and his team for organizing this great event. There is no better place in EMEA to get connected to people in the EDM/ECM business. Good networking event, worth attending!"


Alexander Goerke  -  CEO  -  Skilja  -  Germany

"As usual, DocVille was a great event and I learned a lot. That means a lot for a person like myself who has been in the market for 20 years - to be able to learn from others. The format is great because it is the coffee corner institutionalized - and you know that this is the place where the most valuable information is exchanged."


Stuart Evans  -  CTO  -  INVU  -  UK

"DocVille is a terrific and compact event that puts you in the picture and the community. There is always a valuable takeaway."


Andreas Klug  -  Managing Director  -  ITYX SOLUTIONS AG  -  Germany

"The ECM industry is in a shift. DocVille is where the core of strategies meets."


Lars Riemenschneider  -  Managing Director  -  Electric Paper Informations Systeme GmbH  -  Germany

"I was here for the first time and I had the chance to meet people who encounter similar challenges. That helps me make better decisions. Contacts made at this event will help me in the future."


Ruggero Pizzo  -  CEO, NUMERIAL, France

"DocVille is an opportunity to step back, listen and share valuable information to be used as input for one's strategy and next steps - quality time and professional meetings: I'll be back!"


Jupp Stoepetie  -  CEO  -  ABBYY Europe GmbH  -  Germany

"I really liked the crowdsourced event agenda. At the DocVille event I was able to confirm and develop my planning assumptions around new markets and new opportunities.As a global capture technology and software vendor I was delighted to be able to participate in the themed roundtable discussions around mobile capture and cloud solutions. The level of attendees and the quality of the discussions were very inspiring and helped me, as I develop my thoughts and strategy around new opportunities and business growth."


Thomas Gabel  -  Managing Director  -  TGC GmbH  -  Germany

"The Docville event is a condensed, business-oriented, very efficient type of 'speed-dating'. I enjoyed the level of attendees and the high quality of discussions. The roundtable discussions open your mind to real trends in the market."


Ruan Scott  -  Managing Director  -  K2 Northern Europe  -  Switzerland

"As a BPM software vendor it was really good to see the different perspectives, needs and concerns of other ECM vendors. Attending this event allowed me to fit in conversations in 1 day which would have taken me months otherwise."


Stephane Horta  -  CEO  -  Allgeier DMS Solutions  -  Belgium

"Many thanks for the great organisation of the DocVille event. The feedback from the day was fantastic. The whole experience of sharing the room with competitive firms was one to remember. I was very pleased with the opportunity for networking and for having the chance to share ideas with other professionals in this field. The reality is that we now know that we need to explore markets internationally in order to make full use of the potential of the Document Management sector."


Mark Reinhard  - Director Marketing  -  DICOM  -  Germany

"As a distributor across the EMEA region of hardware and software the DocVille event gave me a world class opportunity to meet system integrators, VARs, ISVs and BPO providers from across the EMEA region all in one place. I was able to exchange ideas with these people and get their insights into their markets. These discussions helped me to reconfirm my thoughts on key market trends and so ensures that my go to market strategy is 100% successful."


Peter Goossens  -  Business Unit Manager  -  Digital Solutions MERAK NV  -  Belgium

"Excellent event in terms of sharing thoughts, validating concepts and approaches."


Hans Boone  -  Business development manager  -  GLOBIQ  -  Netherlands

"I'm looking forward to the Docville event each year. It's an excellent place to discuss business strategies and get new ideas to grow your business."


Jo Hendriks  -  Account Management  -  BCT  -  Netherlands

"The DocVille event made me feel confident that I do not lag behind. My own experience is in line with those of other participants."


Dirk Vannieuwkerke  -  Sales Manager Western Europe  -  ELO  -  Belgium

"Great organisation, a lot of interesting information and an audience which is really interacting."


Roland Hor  -  CTO  -  CUMULUSPRO  -  Singapore

"Docville is an excellent networking platform."


Koen Meganck  -  Founder  -  MEGA-doc and SMARTdoc  -  Belgium

"Most congresses or events I visited before gave the opportunity to meet people and share ideas. The DocVille event in Brussels last week took us far beyond this point by introducing an innovative concept. You managed to bring together the right decision makers and influencers. You gave us the opportunity and motivated us all to communicate in a very open way on the topics that concern us all. This will surely lead to new insights, partnerships and most important for us all: new business!"


Koen Beeuwswaert  -  Sales Director Belux & France  -  DICOM  -  Belgium

"I see this event growing from year to year. Topics get broader and can be discussed in depth. I also see the number of nationalities growing which is enriching."


Markus Pichler  -  Director of Product Marketing  -  ABBYY EUROPE  -  Germany

"Best networking event in Europe!"


Tom Pintens  -  Sales Manager  -  Smartdoc  -  Belgium

"Every DocVille meeting I attend results in new contacts and opportunities. That and the fact that roundtable sessions are a good source for new ideas and insights makes an attendance at DocVille a good investment."


Wim De Maertelaere  -  Business Development Manager  -  Abbyy  -  Belgium

"Discussing the future of what products should incarnate to directly with the visioneers will provide great feedback for the vendors to make their products better, while customers get a peek into the future. DocVille is the perfect event for this."


Albert Ronsmans  -  Business Development Manager  -  Arco Information  -  Belgium

"As business development you need to be aware of the trends of the market. DocVille provides an excellent platform for this. To the point in the subjects that we are interested in, time well spent, congratulations for the organisation!"


Marcin Pichur  -  CEO  -  Management Data Systems sp.z o.o.  -  Poland

"DocVille really does get all the key players from the International Information Management eco system into the same place at the same time. At their recent networking event in Brussels I was able to meet competitors, partners and complimentary service providers all in the same room. We shared ideas and experiences and I know the end result will be business growth and market penetration for my business."


Dimitri de Ruiter  -  Iron Mountain Europe  -  Head of Sales  -  Netherlands

"The right people with extensive experience in information management sharing insights and knowledge on relevant topics. Market and growth focused, constructive debates and networking in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can contribute. Will join again."





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AAC Systems Ltd.


ACA IT-Solutions

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